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Random thoughts are sometimes inexplicable. For instance, today I read a headline on AOL that said "American killed by terrorists." My subsequent thoughts were, "Ain't that a shame," and "Well I wonder how many terrorists are killed by Americans."

I had an interview yesterday which I don't think went terribly well because the lady was slightly intimidating and I was a tad robotic. Today I interviewed at a different place and I think it went really well. Neither of the jobs are really great though. One is an office manager ($35/year) and the other is a web specialist (maybe $30/year if I am lucky). Neither sound fun.


Going over old things as there is nothing new, at the moment, to discover.

I will include some quotes, as other people's words are a bit more worthwhile. I wonder if anyone even has this URL.

"will to power" - President Bush in regards to Sept. 11, 2001
I think this brief string of words is interesting because it can be read and interpreted in so many different ways. Having the will to power something... A sort of divine right. The strength to gain power... etc.

because I yearn, always, for something more, for travel, for the unknowable and nonexistent:

“Constantly pawing at the edge of events, reacting instead of acting, mourning the past and praying for the future instead of stirring up the present.” – pg 319 in Wicked

Researching Different Countries

This is a great quote from Lonely Planet:

The US was fashioned from an incredibly disparate population who, with little in common apart from a desire to choose their own paths to wealth or heaven, rallied around the ennobling ideals of the Declaration of Independence to forge the richest, most inventive and most powerful country on earth.


The goal is to eventually get this site up and running as a database driven site. Until then, I am sorting out which links I want to use, adding pix, and maybe updating a webcam, which will doubtless showcase me doing something idiotic, like my pic from last night.

Ramble Ramble

The sky was clear and all the lights glittered this morning. The world hinted, again - as it often does at times like these - that there might be something out there. Something more - worthwhile. The city was only a gathering of sparkles in the distance and the sky overhead swirled purple and deep over a spattering of stars.

I breathed in the chilled morning air, whipped my head around attempting to take it all in.

40 degrees and invigorating. Texas 1 week prior to New Years. There is anxiety and fear surrounding that, a bit.

But the air was so crisp and cool. I find myself trying to uncloud my mind and reach for a definitive answer.
Wouldn't that be something?


what you would expect from an ever-so-often updated webcam image


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