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Fond Farewell to Fall

The last day of November, to me, is the last day of Fall. It's ok. I can accept it. It hasn't felt like fall in my heart for a while now... I felt the passion of it when it began to creep in, but not nearly as much during the middle of it. And toward the end of the season, I felt more Christmas and enthused about it. I hope Christmas is consuming this year. We shall see.

But I will bid a fond farewell to my favorite season, regardless. I did, afterall, have a smashingly successful Halloween, so I can't exclusively complain.

Adios from Miss Belinda - falling into the season in her own way. This photo was taken more than a year ago. Could have been a couple of years. I don't remember now!
Here is an alternate, tighter crop sans telephone box.


Justin and I Prepare

We are having a Halloween Spooky Shoot at Kirkwood Studio on Monday. For only $15 you can get a 5x7 portrait with our nifty Halloween set. This is what we worked on last night. I have some images for y'all to check out! Cute coupley ones and even cuter Justin ones.

Devil with the Blue Eyes, not blue dress! Oh no! That cute little devil is trying to munch our prop pumpkin! Cute coupley one

Aww we are so cute!
the one above is a study and you can enlarge it:
verticle 5x7 crop | horizontal 5x7 crop
crop just for the web | without the moon


New Feature in the Works

I want to start writing a relatively regular article/column of just positive news pieces! If you watch the news, read the paper, or listen to the radio you are aware of how much negative information there is out there. We are pracitcally inundated with it! I invite readers to send in their own positive news and observations.

I will call this feature "Ness News." Here is the banner:

It may change in the future, but for now that will do. We will start with a fact that Mike sent me. The entire world's population could live in my great home state: TEXAS! And they wouldn't even be horribly CRAMPED! You can read more about this interesting fact and many others at Annals of Improbable Research (AIR).

I also enjoyed their Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg USPS scenario.


Update to Come

I think this dog would have serious roadrage issues:


At the local TCBY.


Happy Valloween

A throw back to a couple years ago.

Click for a larger image.


Oh Day of Projects

Japanese paper lanterns!I am proud of today. I have been very productive today. I allow myself to feel good when I feel like I have accomplished a reasonable amount of things. I woke up around 9:30 this morning, which is very late for me. I usually get out of bed at 6:30 or so, because Justin has to leave for work at 7:00 AM and I like us to be able to spend a little time together in the morning and have breakfast together before he has to leave. He had to leave early today, so I slept in. After a cup of coffee and bowl of cereal (protein Total and Cocoa Pebble mixture), I decided it was time to get out of the house an do something. I'd already changed the color scheme on my MySpace page and was tired of randomly clicking around on that site.

The original bean container!I decided it was time to suck it up and get my car inspected. I've been putting this off since the beginning of the month and luckily haven't gotten pulled over. I got my inspection just fine, but I was worried it wouldn't go so well since my vehicle is really in shambles at the moment.

Upon returning home, I decided to make a dent in the laundry. You see, Justin and I thoroughly cleaned and sorted our room last Saturday. We wound up with four plastic bags full of laundry that came out of the closet or boxes or that was just waiting in baskets to be done. This Saturday we went to the laundromat and did it all in one fell swoop! Yesterday we bought dowels at Home Depot and put two more rows in the closet on which to hang the tremendous amount of clothing we'd come across. So, I went through all the bags of now clean clothes and hung them up or placed them in drawers.

"Lucky in Love" - This is one accurate bean!

Aww, the other side is a heart!

After this I set out for a walk down Buttercup where I ran into Nanny coming back from the grocery store. We chatted a bit before I came back home and decided to make lunch and watch TV. Chips and salsa from El Tipico with a turkey sandwich concluded by crackers and pumpkin butter. I caught the middle-end of this MTV series called 17. Everything is Reality TV now, I swear!

Then it was time to work on something else, but I wasn't sure what yet. I determined it had to be dishes. After doing the dishes, I came upstairs and organized the office area a little, finished a project I was working on involving Early morning light reveals a special message.Japanese paper lanterns, and talked my Dad into helping me turn an empty Vouvray bottle into a planter. We basically had to drill a drainage hole in the bottle with a titanium bit. It was cool and exciting because neither of us new if the bottle would shatter or not. Luckily it didn't. I transplanted the "magic bean" Justin and I had purchased from Toys R Us a couple of weeks ago, then ate a yogurt and some pez, and surfed the web a little more, getting caught up in a photographers portfolio.

Tonight we are going to take Dad to dinner. I am not sure where yet!

I've been going through a lot of old letters and scraps of paper I still have from high school and I have found some really neat stuff. I can't wait until Val! is in town so I can show her some of it. I may type some of it up to add here.

In the meantime, here are some excerpts from an old diary I had when I was 12/13:

The wall, overall, with Josh's picture visible. "Today's father's day and I gave my dad a card. My friends all gave their dad's presents! What's my problem? I cleaned my dad's truck but I think I could have done a better job.Feb.-6-1994:
"Pa's still in a coma. I miss him and think that I should think of him more than I do. A thirteen year old girl shouldn't have to go through the trauma of losing her PA! It's just another thing adding to my wall of depression. In basketball we-ve lost 3 games so far and haven't won a single one yet! There was a UIL meet yesterday; Saturday, and me and Candy got 6th place out of 13 groups..."


February 25:Lights with cranberry garland and Flash!
"Today, Friday - February 25, 1994, Tina Jupe our black lab died. I love her so much. Grandpa backed over her with the truck and dad had to shoot her. Poor Tina. We put a cross up to mark her grave and I put the pink rosary that I got from Nanny on the cross. I think mom will probably get it off tomorrow but I think it should stay because Tina deserves at least that. God Bless you Tina Weena Clash Jupe!"

"Well, life sux. Misty and Mandy are best friends. Sarah is a hoe! Amanda hates me. Tabby and Ronnie are Rapidly becoming my friends. You cannot fathom the sadness and emptiness that lies within me! Is it war and malice finally? For that's what I feel! Everyone loves Misty and they all follow her and all the guys think she's pretty! Why? She's on a major ego trip. Laters!"

"Dear Diary,
I'm going to Landa Park tomorrow for the 8th grade Field Trip and I hope it's fun. The river fed pool wil be closed. I hope it's fun and I hope no one makes fun of me because of my flat chest! Please god let it be O.K.!"


Ahh Vanity

I like the way my hair came out yesterday...

In the above, I am sitting on our brand new king sized bed, by the way!
Oh, and if you are interested, here are some Joshie related goodies:

Val! - Portrait

More soonish...



Oh, wonderful loving gracious cousin's-o-mine in the big apple (Dao & Rob) sent me a belated birthday package that turned out to be an afternoon opening and photographing extravaganza! Luckily, it let me spend some quality time with beloved. See the delicious presents and pictures here.



Installed the webcam on our little peripherals server. I say that because it is also the flash card reader, print, and scan server. You can see mine and Justin's areas in the office here. The camera is sitting on Val's! desk. Justin has been getting her PC ready to be a lean, mean editing station. Rawk!


I just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there in Internet Land. My mom is looking very cute in this photo, sporting a headband I procured for her from Target. They're heart ears and they BLINK!


what you would expect from an ever-so-often updated webcam image


2006 P II
2006 P I

What can I say? I am all about the cheap airfare. :) And SWA has a cute corporate culture, even if they won't hire me.